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March 3, 2023

"The Pentagon is funding experiments on animals to recreate ‘Havana Syndrome’"

(Politico) — "The Defense Department is funding experiments on animals to determine if radio frequency waves could be the source of the mysterious ailment referred to as “Havana Syndrome” that has afflicted hundreds of U.S. government personnel in recent years, according to public documents and three people familiar with the effort."

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April 26, 2023

"'Knife in the Back': Havana Syndrome victims dispute report dismissing their cases"

(The Miami Herald) — “Patient Zero,” an American official stationed at the U.S. embassy in Cuba, was in his Havana apartment one night in December 2016 when he heard a strange sound and felt what he described as a “head-crushing pressure” and a “massive ear pain.”



Jan 25, 2023

"The Curious Case of 'Havana Syndrome'"

(NPR News) — In this 40 minute podcast, you will hear the topic of Havana Syndrome discussed by reporter Nicky Woolf, former CIA officer Marc Polymeropolous, and Professor of Neurology at Georgetown University the Dr. James Giordano.

March 7, 2023

"How Havana Syndrome helps us rethink the brain"

(Vox) — "A neurologist explains how its weird symptoms can manifest via a common but misunderstood class of brain ailments." Read about the current debate going on in society regarding Havana Syndrome. Although many US Intelligence Agencies agreed that these symptoms could not have been because of electromagnetic currents, why is there one US Intelligence Agency that does not agree?


Jan 24, 2023

‘Deny Everything’: Why the US Hasn’t Solved the Mystery of Havana Syndrome

(Vice) — An investigative podcast from VICE World News, where they try to find answers regarding the 'mysterious' Havana Syndrome.

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Jun 26, 2022

"Havana Syndrome: High-level National Security officials stricken with unexplained illness on White House grounds."

(CBS) — "Incidents have been reported in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, but, as we first told you in February, our reporting has found senior national security officials who say they were stricken in Washington and on the grounds of the White House. The former officials you are about to meet are revealing their experiences for the first time. They were responsible for helping to manage threats to national security"

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Olivia Troye, Courtesy of CBS News

Jun 24, 2022

"Biden administration to compensate some 'Havana Syndrome' victims up to $187,000"

(CNN) — The US State Department has announced that US diplomats and family members impacted by severe “Havana syndrome” symptoms who required at least a year of medical assistance are going to be eligible for compensation payments of about $140,000 or $187,000.

image by Desmond Boylan

Image by: Desmond Boylan

May 31, 2022

"'My brain is broken': Former CIA analyst struggling with Havana Syndrome says she has not received promised care"

(CBS) — "I'm not sure I'll ever be able to work again. I mean, I've lost everything," former CIA analyst Erika Stith told CBS News as part of a months long investigation.
"We got this as a result of serving our country. And we deserve to be taken care of," Stith said.
Stith, who says she held a Top-Secret security clearance, told CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge, "My brain is broken."

cbs news_former CIA analyst

Sep 25, 2022

"CIA doctor hit by Havana Syndrome says he was in disbelief as he suffered what he was investigating"

(CNN) — "CIA physician Dr. Paul Andrews was one of the first people sent to Havana, Cuba, to investigate a spate of mysterious health incidents that were impacting embassy and agency personnel in 2017 when he was struck by the same set of debilitating symptoms, he told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his first public interview for a CNN Special Report: 'Immaculate Concussion: The Truth About Havana Syndrome.'"

CIA physician Dr. Paul Andrews

Feb 3, 2022

"What is Havana Syndrome? The mystery slowly revealed"

(News @ Northeastern) — "As an audiologist, Laffan treats many of the symptoms that those with Havana syndrome complain of, such as tinnitus, pain in either or both ears, feelings of pressure or vibrations in the head, and vertigo. More than 1,000 U.S. employees in the intelligence community—which includes the CIA, the FBI, and the U.S. State Department—have complained of the symptoms since it was first reported in 2016."

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Feb 2, 2022

"Havana Syndrome symptoms in small group most likely caused by directed energy, says U.S. panel of experts"

(NBC) — "The panel's findings expanded on a 2020 report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which also found that pulsed electromagnetic energy, also referred to as microwave energy, was the most plausible culprit. That report noted that Russia has a long history of studying and developing the technology."

nbc news

Dec 22, 2021

"Legal, financial fights mount as 'Havana Syndrome' goes unsolved"

(NBC) — "In the US, a diplomat who reported having been injured in China is suing the State Department alleging disability discrimination. In Canada, 27 diplomats, military police, and family members are suing their government for $40 million over incidents in Cuba."

cheryl cruise bnc news.jpeg

Cheryl Cruise, on NBC News

"Before Havana Syndrome, there was Moscow Signal"

(FSJ) — "As I followed the Havana Syndrome story, it increasingly occurred to me that I had seen something like this before. The mention of the word 'microwaves' , in particular, triggered a flood of memories, as did the stories of initial skepticism by the State Department and other agencies over the concerns of potential victims. It was Moscow Signal all over again."

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U.S. Embassy in Moscow, 2008, NVO/Wikimedia

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