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Supporting the Victims of Havana Syndrome

After the first buzz of Havana Syndrome symptoms hit the news, there was a surplus of speculation. While some believed the victims and their ongoing experience, many did not. There have been numerous articles which describe Havana Syndrome as a “mass psychogenic illness” or “mass hysteria”, insinuating that there was no actual physical or environmental cause and the only reason for experiencing these symptoms is because someone else has, causing them to think it’s something they are experiencing as well. Sometimes, the idea of an “epidemic hysteria” also stems from the fact that doctors and scientists can’t determine the source of the outbreak because there is no physical origin, which is what seems to have been happening with Havana Syndrome.

The interim CIA report on Havana Syndrome has made it difficult for some people to accept that the symptoms were caused by a sonic attack.

The report’s uncertain results pushed the idea that this was not a sonic weapon attack and raised questions among many, as previous reports had consistently indicated that it was. “These findings do not call into question the very real experiences and symptoms that our colleagues and their family members have reported,” says the office of the director of national intelligence.

Although, in 2021, the Biden Administration did implement the HAVANA Act of 2021. With this in play, victims that experienced “injuries to the brain” received and are receiving compensation. Also, many victims have undergone specialized treatment at the Walter Reed National Medical Center.

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