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Marc Polymeropolous, a victim of Havana Syndrome

Marc Polymeropolous, a former CIA officer with a very impressive 26-year career, started experiencing symptoms while he was in Moscow in 2017. At the time, he held the position of Deputy Chief for Operations in Europe and Eurasia.

Marc retired from the CIA in 2019 due to debilitating headaches and fatigue. Symptoms he was afflicted with during his efforts in Russia. He is a victim of Havana Syndrome. Marc has done many interviews and is very vocal about his experiences with agencies and their efforts to assist the many victims of Havana Syndrome.

Marc has openly discussed his experiences in numerous interviews and podcasts, shedding light on his personal journey. As the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Europe and Eurasia Mission Center (EEMC), Marc traveled to Russia alongside a colleague. Their objective was to create reliable and direct lines of communication with Russian intelligence counterparts by engaging with an American ambassador and embassy personnel. Although Marc and his colleague obtained visas to visit the country, they encountered obstacles as there were suspicions that their visit was related to a potentially vile reason.

According to an interview with The Guardian; since first coming down with Havana Syndrome symptoms, Marc has had a constant headache, and mental health challenges. He also experiences difficulty having conversations and working for more than 2 hours. Marc had to endure a lengthy period of approximately three years before receiving the necessary treatment, which understandably caused a great deal of frustration.

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