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Intelligence Information from The National Security Agency

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

National Security Agency workers Michael Beck and Chuck Gubete were sent to a ‘hostile country’ on an assignment in 1996. Upon arriving to said country they were detained for a while and eventually let go, but were still suspicious of being watched. According to The Guardian, while there, Beck and Gubete reported a suspicious device to their superiors, and the next day received a message from a translator that the host countries authorities had seen what they did and it was not a good thing. Not soon after, Beck began experiencing symptoms similar to that of the Havana Syndrome. 10 years later Michael Beck was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease at the age of 46. His colleague Chuck also received the same diagnosis. Eventually, Beck filed for workers compensation through the National Security Agency, since he was injured on the job. In 2014, just 2 years before the first reported cases of what is now known as Havana Syndrome, the National Security Agency sent Michael Beck a letter. In this statement from the National Security Agency, the NSA states that they confirm intelligence information from 2012, associating the country Beck visited with a ‘high powered microwave system weapon’ that has the ability to ‘weaken, intimidate or kill an enemy, over time, and without leaving evidence’. It is clear that this weapon could have been the cause of Becks injuries. The question now is - why is it now so hard to believe that this ‘high powered microwave weapon’ could have also been the cause of Havana Syndrome and how much information does the United States have about it and are willing to share?

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