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60 Minutes: Havana Syndrome Interviews Summary

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Some officials say they have been stricken by Havana Syndrome on White House grounds. These officials were in charge of managing threats to national security, homeland security issues, and natural disasters. 60 Minutes conducted an interview of multiple United States personnel. Here is a brief summary of their interviews and experiences.

Olivia Troye, who worked in a building beside the West Wing. She felt a piercing feeling on the side of her head, then experienced vertigo, nausea, and disorientation. Olivia describes this sensation as a “paralyzing panic attack”, and questioned whether or not she was experiencing a stroke. This one incident is not the only time she felt this, as she later felt the same symptoms a year later. Olivia says that she didn’t initially come forward with what happened to her, for many reasons including the fact that being a member of the intelligence community, it may be hard to admit sickness. Her interview poses great questions such as: How many others felt this but did not want to come forward? What about individuals that were and are still unaware of what is going on, and don’t know what these symptoms mean?

Miles Taylor, who was Deputy Chief of Staff and later Chief of Staff of the Trump Administration Department of Homeland Security. He oversaw ~200,000 people. Taylor says he experienced these same symptoms as Olivia Troye. He woke up to a strange sound, described as a ‘cricket’ or a ‘digital sound’. He says he got out of bed and witnessed a white van, which then drove off. Months later, he experienced these ‘concussion-like’ symptoms again, right before leaving for a trip to meet the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Miles Taylor says in 2018, he was made aware of a person in the cabinet level in the Trump Administration who had experienced these same symptoms. This was enlightening for Taylor, who saw this as very alarming, “We may have ongoing activity targeting U.S. officials here in our country.”, he says.

According to their interviews conducted by 60 Minutes, both Olivia Troye and Miles Taylor see this as a “potential threat to National Security”. When asked if he believed this was an attack, John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, stated “I don’t think there’s any other hypothesis when you begin to look at the number and the pattern that we’ve experienced”. Some U.S. officials have reported being injured abroad, and later attacked again when they’ve returned to home to the United States.

In 2019 Robin Garfield said that he “literally was kissing the ground” when returning to the United States from China with family. Assuming they’d be safer here, in the US. Robin is a Commerce Department Official. Robin, his wife, and their two children were all hit with these symptoms while in China, then evacuated, and put in a program at the University of Pennsylvania, where they were hit with these symptoms yet again. From there, they moved to a hotel - only to have the same experience. Robin says they woke up “around 2 a.m. with strange vibrations and a sound”. After checking on his children who were in another room he said he “saw an extremely eerie scene where both were thrashing in their beds, asleep, but both kicking and moving pretty aggressively and I went over to my daughter and I put my head down next to her head and I heard a pretty distinctive sound, sort of like water rushing”. He said the same for his son, and says he also knows of 8 other children personally, who were impacted by this.

Another individual, whose name will remain anonymous as promised by 60 Minutes, was part of the first group of people in Havana in 2016 who reported symptoms of Havana Syndrome. He says one night all of the dogs began barking in unison, and not too shortly after, his room was filled with a strong sound. After hearing the sound, he experienced tinnitus and eventually started to black out. This is when he noticed something was wrong. After this situation he became disabled and retired at the age of 36.

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